Lead Your Child to Good Health

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) encourages parents to be deliberate and active in their childrearing efforts. To promote this approach, the ACPeds has developed a poster encouraging parents to: “Lead Your Child to Good Health.”

The main points of the poster are listed below, but an illustrated, full color poster of “Lead Your Child” is available for purchase. Parents, take note of the healthful recommendations within the poster and encourage your pediatrician to post it in his/her office.

Ways You Can Lead Your Child to Good Health

  • Strengthen your family by nurturing your marriage. Invest time with your spouse: dates, walks/strolls, talk time, etc. Your child will benefit.

  • Don’t hesitate to discipline your child with both encouragement and correction. Start early and less will be needed later.

  • Teach good sleep habits by having a regular bedtime routine and enforcing a reasonable “lights out” time. No TV in the bedroom, please!

  • Teach and practice healthful family eating habits. Limit fast food. Serve vegetables and fruit at meals and snacks daily. Model healthful eating yourself.

  • Develop the family table. Eat together as a family, turn the TV off, stay at the table until everyone finishes eating, and encourage conversation. Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know each other better.

  • Turn the television off often and limit total screen time (TV, video games, computer) to no more than 1-2 hours per day. You’ll be pleased with the conversations that develop.

  • Get outside with your child. Take a walk in the neighborhood, go fishing, go cycling, play a recreational sport, plant a garden.

  • Model an active life style. Work around the house, exercise regularly, and don’t be a “couch potato” (limit your screen time as well).

  • Be involved in your child’s life. Coach a team, drive car pool, be a room mom or dad, teach Sunday School, get to know his/her friends.

  • Protect your child’s mind. Monitor TV programs, scrutinize movies (even at a friend’s home), and place an Internet filter on your computer.

  • Monitor your child’s activities, regardless of age. Your oversight and wise advice are greatly needed!

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