Medical Practice

The practice of medicine can be challenging, but very rewarding. The ACPeds would like to equip pediatric professionals to deliver outstanding care to children from conception to young adulthood. The following resources are both practical and philosophical for a medical practice.

Patient Handouts

The ACPeds provides patient handouts and posters on various topics for physicians to use in their offices. These can be found in the Patient Handout section.

Medical Reference Websites
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the government website for guiding healthcare and infection control.

  • Medscape - A leading online global destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide, offering the latest medical news and expert perspectives; essential point-of-care drug and disease information; and relevant professional education and CME.

  • Univadis - A Medscape website offering medical news, expert perspectives, and healthcare resources.

  • ACIP - Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is a CDC website offering guidance on immunization practices.

  • CDC Growth Charts

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