There are many influences affecting a child's overall development and well-being. The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) has developed resources and produced statements addressing many of these influences.

Life Matters
Every human life is precious and worthy of protection from conception to natural death. The ACPeds recognizes this foundational principle which is reflected in all of its official statements. This section provides parents and policymakers various resources related to the respect for and protection of human life.
How will you raise your child? Your approach to parenting will be influenced by many factors, including how you were raised, how your acquaintances are raising their children, and how you are influenced by the parenting information to see. The ACPeds has developed this parenting section to encourage and equip parents to meet this important challenge.
Marriage and Family Matters
Family structure significantly affects the development outcome of children. Stability of the nuclear family crucially affects the well-being of the child in the home. A family, formed and nurtured within the secure environment of a loving marriage between a man and a woman, is the optimal childrearing setting. The ACPeds has produced materials which elaborate upon this fact.
Sexuality Issues of Youth
Healthy sexual development and responsible sexuality choices are critical to a child's well-being. The ACPeds has produced and acquired many resources for physicians, parents, and policymakers addressing sexuality among youth and adolescents.
The adolescent body and brain are dynamically growing and maturing, but has not acquired the executive brain function of an adult. Therefore, teens are in desperate need of their parents’ guidance, oversight and discipline. The ACPeds has produced materials to assist parents in understanding teen development and the guidance they need.
The ACPeds is committed to the immunization of infants, children and adolescents according to the published reports and schedules of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The ACPeds reminds parents that their child’s pediatrician is the best source of information about what is best for their child. This section provides materials on immunization to help parents make the healthiest decisions for their children.
Medical Practice
The practice of medicine can be challenging, but very rewarding. The ACPeds provides resources to equip pediatric professionals to deliver outstanding care to children from conception to young adulthood.

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