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Gender Dysphoria in Children
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College President Speaks on Transgender Ideology
Deconstructing Transgender Pediatrics
Gender Confusion and Transgender Identity
The Scientific Case for Counseling Choice for LGBTQ Identified Youth
Transgender Interventions Harm Children
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American Journal of Psychiatry Retracts Study: No Evidence Hormones or Surgery Help Gender Incongruent Patients
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American College of Pediatricians Urges Surgeon General to Investigate Medical Transgendering of Children
Psychotherapeutic and behavioral approaches to treating gender dysphoria
ACPeds Responds to SPLC Criticisms
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Medical, Legal, Policy Organizations and Academics Applaud Scientific Definition of Sex in Federal Law and Policy
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Sexuality Issues of Youth
Physician Groups Applaud HHS Revision Regarding Sex Discrimination
Department of Education Using Title IX Against Female Students
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Physicians Unethical to Withhold ALL Facts from LGBTQ Youth
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Sex Change Therapy: Not Best for Children
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