Protection of the Unborn

MARCH 29, 2004

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) applauds the recent action by Congress in passing legislation to protect unborn victims of violent crimes committed against their mothers. The wide margins of its passage indicate the depth of understanding that human life is sacred, no matter the stage of development.

Congress has taken a logical step forward in the protection of life and is in concert with the science of our recently released Statement on that subject. “When Human Life Begins”, published earlier this month, makes clear that medicine and science have always recognized the existence of human life from conception. Just as the taking of a pregnant woman’s life is a heinous crime, so too is the simultaneous killing of the child she carries.

We urge the President to quickly sign this historic legislation so that more infants in-utero will be protected in the Federal courts. It is also our hope that its passage into law will encourage States to join the almost 30 with existing laws designed to protect the unborn human victims of violence committed against their mothers.

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