Marriage Declines: Children Suffer

MARCH 5, 2012

When children are born outside of marriage between their father and mother, there is much suffering. The children have more trouble in school, more behavioral and emotional problems, and more poverty. Their parents become less healthy, less wealthy, less educated, and less productive citizens in society. After steadily rising for five decades, the portion of children born to unmarried women under 30 now exceeds 50%. Disturbingly, 41% of all American babies are born outside of marriage, according to 2009 government data analyzed by Child Trends.

Dr. Trumbull, President of the American College of Pediatricians, says, “It appears that Society’s emphasis upon self-gratification has ironically led to less happiness and more isolation for adults and children. Policy-makers must promote the institution of marriage and its importance to America’s children.”

The College calls upon Hollywood and the media to stop glamorizing promiscuous sexual activity, cohabitation, and frivolous divorce, and start promoting the benefits of fidelity and marriage, especially in its positive impact upon children.

Let’s all support marriage. It’s best for the children!

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