Department of Education Using Title IX Against Female Students

17 June 2021

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Quentin Van Meter, MD, FCP, President 

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The U.S. Department of Education yesterday released a “Notice of Interpretation,” which extends Title IX protections to biologically male students who identify as transgender females and thus mandates a false definition of sex upon American students.

Schools will now be forced to allow biologically male students access to all female-only spaces. They will be housed with females during overnight school trips and events, participate in female-only sports, and displace females from female-only sports teams. This interpretation is unscientific and a clear threat to the health and safety of female students. 

Acknowledging inborn genetic sex differences is crucial for creating sound public policy, which is a fact the Department of Education has now chosen to ignore. The scientific bottom line is that acknowledging the innate differences between males and females is critical to ensuring the health and safety of children, and in this case, female students.

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) Position Statement, “Sex is a Biological Trait of Medical Significance,” provides scientific evidence against allowing males access to female-only spaces, sports teams and the like.

“Among humans, sex is a dimorphic, innate and immutable trait established at fertilization by sex determining genes located on the X and Y chromosomes. This sexual dimorphism is genetically programmed and is present in every nucleated somatic cell of the body; sex does not and cannot change.“ 

Dr. Michelle Cretella, Executive Director of ACPeds, elaborated,

“With this unscientific ‘interpretation,’ female students lose their rights to privacy and safety in education and fair play in sports. Due to a combination of genetics and sex hormones, males are bigger, stronger and faster than females. Males are also more violent and aggressive than females. Males who self-identify as female, including those who take estrogen, remain genetically male and therefore have no objective reason -- let alone a right -- to share restrooms and locker rooms, or to be housed with or competing against females.”

ACPeds condemns the Department of Education’s new interpretation of Title IX protections and calls on the department to embrace science and protect girls now. 

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Sex is a Biological Trait of Medical Significance
Sex is a Biological Trait of Medical Significance
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