American College of Pediatricians Affirms the Loving Choice of Adoption During Pro-life Month

19 January 2021

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In an updated statement published today, the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) affirms adoption as the best option for children who cannot be raised within their natural families. An appropriate adoptive family provides a child with love, permanency, stability, and the same legal rights as a child born into that family.

Dr. Leah Willson is a board-certified pediatrician, ACPeds director, and adoptive parent. She knows firsthand that an infant’s adoptive placement is a courageous, loving, and life-giving alternative to abortion. Dr. Wilson states, “Women experiencing a crisis pregnancy should receive counseling about options including open and semi-open adoption arrangements. Women considering abortion due to an adverse prenatal diagnosis should also be informed of the availability of adoptive families for children born with disabilities.”

Older children needing adoptive placement outside their natural families have often experienced multiple adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). They are at significant risk for emotional, behavioral, and developmental concerns, which can be alleviated by a healthy family environment. Since scientific studies consistently demonstrate that lifetime outcomes are best for children in low-conflict, married mother-father households, children to be adopted should be placed into that setting when possible. 

All adoption decisions should be made with the best interests of the child foremost. Adoption policies should reflect adults’ commitment to meeting the child’s needs, rather than the child fulfilling the needs or wishes of the adults.

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About the American College of Pediatricians

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) is a national medical association of licensed physicians and healthcare professionals who specialize in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. It was founded by a group of concerned physicians who saw the need for a pediatric organization that would not be influenced by the politically driven pronouncements of the day. The mission of the ACPeds is to enable all children to reach their optimal physical and emotional health and well-being. The ACPeds is committed to fulfilling its mission by producing sound policy, based upon the best available research, to assist parents and to influence society in the endeavor of childrearing. 

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