Patient Handouts

Patient Information Handouts are provided to pediatricians for use in the office with their patients. These handouts have been produced by members and reviewed by the Board of Directors, but are not necessarily endorsed by the ACPeds. This is provided as a service to members and reproduction of the handouts is welcomed. Parents are also welcome to download any of the following handouts.

  • Lead Your Child (tear off sheets) are available for purchase. The packs of 50 are sold for $15 including shipping.

  • Family Table posters are available for purchase in size 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 14. $5 dollars each or 4 for $15 including shipping.

  • Contact Us to place an order.

Infectious Diseases


Family Life

Sexual Health

These handouts are to be given as a unit to parents at the 12-month Well Child visit.

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