The ACPeds is dedicated to producing freely available resources for physicians, parents, and policy makers.

Our Positions
Resources about the ACPeds Stances
The ACPeds produces position and policy statements on matters unique to the child and the family. Here you will find the ACPeds position statements, perspectives in medicine, and amicus briefs.
All the ACPeds resources organized by topic
The ACPeds is dedicated to providing free resources on carious topics ranging from marriage and family to medical practice issues for physicians, parents, and policy makers.
Patient Handouts
Available for physicians and parents
Patient Handouts are provided to physicians for use in the office with their patients. These handouts have been produced by members and reviewed by the ACPeds Board of Directors, but are not necessarily endorsed by the ACPeds. Reproduction of the handouts is welcomed.
Parent Talk
News for Parents
Get relevant information to aid you in your parenting efforts from pediatricians straight to your inbox!
For Policymakers
Resources to aid in policy
The ACPeds periodically releases statements that relate to the current issues affecting the lives of children and their families. Policymakers within both the educational and the legislative sectors will find these works beneficial.
Find a Pediatrician
Find an ACPeds Pediatrician Close to You!
You shouldn't have to sacrifice your values when it comes to choosing a pediatrician to manage your child's health and well-being. All ACPeds physicians endorse our mission and values.

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