Publications by ACPeds Members and Affiliates

The following are various publications by members or affiliates of the ACPeds.

  • Gay Parenting and Child Health Outcomes. Dr. Van Mol, CMDA – The Point Blog, discusses the risk of emotional problems in children of same-sex married couples. Additionally, explaining the flaws in past research on this topic.

  • How do Genes and Environment cause Autism.  A paper published by Scott Field, MD, FCP.  This paper addresses how a number of genes known to be associated with mental disorders including ASD can interact with environmental (mainly nutritional) factors in a logical manner that can explain most known risk factors for ASD.

  • This letter, written by Jokin de Irala, MD, MPH, PhD, in response to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) was rejected by the NEJM, but is in the process of being published in the journal, Issues in Law and Medicine.  A full citation is forth-coming.

  • Hope Blooms After the Storm by Terry M. Eccles, MD, ACPeds member. Encouragement for those who have suffered or who have known those who have suffered the affects of sexual child abuse.

  • Reply by Douglas A. Abbott, PhD, ACPeds member, to the American Academy of Pediatrics Statement on Marriage and the Well-Being of Children as published in Pediatrics, 2012, 131 (3), 559-563.

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