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Our Mission is to enable all children to reach their optimal physical and emotional health and well-being.

Our Vision is to promote a society where all children, from the moment of their conception, are valued unselfishly. We encourage mothers, fathers and families to advance the needs of their children above their own.

Are you interested in getting more involved to help further the mission of ACPeds?

Below you will find dozens of ways that you can partner with us with step-by-step guides on how you can help drive forth our mission, vision and values.

Support ACPeds on Social Media!

Follow our step-by-step guide!

The ACPeds is dedicated to producing freely available resources for physicians, parents, and policymakers. Social media is a great way to share ACPeds’ recent news, policy statements, and other resources.

Facebook and Twitter regularly change their algorithms, shifting which posts show up on your timeline. Posts with a lot of engagement (likes, comments, and share) are prioritized. By interacting with our content, even a simple “like,” you can help us expand our reach. 
Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can support ACPeds on Social Media!

Share ACPeds Resources with Your Networks

Help ACPeds reach new members and other stakeholders by sharing the resources we disseminate regularly.

As an ACPeds member, you have your networks of individuals who may not otherwise have knowledge of ACPeds. This will be most successful if you share these resources in the days following the publication. This builds momentum on the article, and can even result in media coverage.

Email position statements, press releases, and other blogs to your networks. 

When ACPeds sends new resources to members via email, you should forward them to all potentially interested parties. Adding your perspective on the issue to colleagues, friends, and family who already trust you will help give ACPeds and our resources instant credibility.

Share relevant links on your social media pages. 

You can share a link to any of ACPeds’ resources on your social media channels. You can add an excerpt from the resource or add your own commentary. See “How to: Use Social Media.”

Share press releases with local media.

If you have any relationships with your local media or if you simply want to ensure your community is receiving critical information, you can send a press release to your local outlets. Members of the media receive press releases often, and it is common to receive a press release without commentary. You can simply paste the press release into the body of the email, and send it to the general newsroom. Be sure to keep an eye out for any coverage the following week. For more information, see “How to: Contact Media.” 

Write an opinion editorial or letter to the editor.

If ACPeds has released a new position statement or other resources on a topic you are passionate about or an expert in, you can expand on ACPeds’ resources by submitting your own letter to the editor or op-ed to your local paper. Please feel free to reach out to a member of the ACPeds for feedback or other questions should you want to submit an opinion piece. You can email your piece directly to the opinion editor at your newspaper, or look for a submission form on the website. For more information on how to submit an opinion article, see “How to: Contact Media.” 

Join a Committee!

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) accomplishes its mission and goals through the individual and collaborative efforts of several focused committees.

ACPeds committees communicate and conduct business via Email, teleconferencing or Zoom, as well as Google Drive, and other digital means as necessary.

Recruit New Members

Reach out to your colleagues and make sure they know about ACPeds. You can use the ACPeds elevator speech! 

Become a Media Advocate!

Become an advocate for ACPeds and our topics of interest via the media!

If you are knowledgeable about, or an expert in any of the below topics, let us know. ACPeds will contact you for assistance in developing a quote or other information for press releases, media responses, and more. 

Topics include:

  • LGBTQ+

  • Transgender

  • Adolescent sexuality

  • Sex trafficking

  • Marijuana and other drug use

  • Immunizations and vaccines

  • Life matters

  • Marriage and the family

Share Important News and Offer an Official Comment

If you find something relevant to the ACPeds mission, please do not hesitate to share it with the ACPeds team. 

If you would like to offer an official comment that may be used in a blog post, social media post, or press release, please include a comment of 3-5 sentences. 
A template of this email follows.

Dear ACPeds,

I have recently found a topic that may be relevant to ACPeds and worth sharing widely [with membership / media / etc]. 

[INSERT BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Netflix has recently announced the release of a documentary, “Cuties”, a French film that sexualizes a group of 11-year-old girls. The trailer shows these young children dancing to exploitative music with extremely sexualized ‘dance moves’ such as twerking and grinding. The documentary is rated TV-MA, a rating which, with parental controls in place, girls this age wouldn’t be able to access.]

I am including a link below.

I would like to offer a statement should it be helpful. 


Fed by soft pornography media such as this, millions of the world’s children (at the age of the “stars” of this film) are groomed and then forced into sex slavery by porn addicts, many of whom will likely be this film’s most enthusiastic viewers. Child Sex Trafficking is a multibillion-dollar criminal industry, which Netflix will encourage by the debut of this film to a receptive, or soon to be receptive, audience. 

Attend a Conference!

If you are already planning on attending a conference related to healthcare, pediatrics, or any other ACPeds topic, let an ACPeds staff member know!

There will likely be opportunities for you while networking to share information about ACPeds and recruit new members, including handouts or palm cards with information on how to join. It is also possible that ACPeds will be invited to attend a conference and staff will not be able to attend. If you are interested in attending conferences as a representative at ACPeds, contact ACPeds executive administrator. 

Contact your Legislators

If there is an ACPeds issue on which you are particularly passionate, you can contact your legislators at all levels (local to federal) to ensure they have all the information they need.

Use ACPeds resources to share with your legislators and their staff to ensure they are mindful of these issues when drafting policy. Work with ACPeds staff for specific talking points and other resources. 
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