How Chores Can Strengthen Family Relationships

JANUARY 20, 2020

Everyone has complained about chores at some point throughout their life. Usually, children will even ask in a complaining tone, “What is the point of chores? It’s just going to get messy again!” As a parent, you have probably responded saying that it helps teach them responsibility, how to take care of themselves, and that living under your roof means they have to help keep it clean. All of these things are great, but another thing that chores are good for is strengthening family relationships.

Families who engage in chores together and make it a family event can reap many benefits. Doing chores together can create a sense of belonging, provide practice for working together as a team, and can lighten the workload which usually puts everyone in a happier mood. 

Of course, these benefits are usually more quickly received when the chores are done with the right attitude. “Children learn through example and play. A parent with a positive attitude toward household responsibilities will have children who are very likely to share the same positive attitude. Remember, attitudes are “caught,” not “taught” (Illinois, 2016). This positivity is crucial if the goal is to strengthen family relationships. 

It has also been found that when people go through unpleasant situations together, they feel more bonded and connected. Research suggests that these painful experiences can act as a “social glue” and have positive social outcomes. “Our findings show that pain is a particularly powerful ingredient in producing bonding and cooperation between those who share painful experiences,” says psychological scientist and lead researcher Brock Bastian of the University of New South Wales in Australia.

While chores might not be anyone’s favorite thing to do, there can be so many benefits when done together. Families can feel more connected and their bonds strengthened when they do unpleasant things together, especially when they are done with positivity. If you haven’t done so already, start doing some chores together as a family. After a while, something that the whole family dreaded can now be something that the family looks forward to doing together! 



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