Scott S. Field, MD

Secretary: Scott S. Field, MD

I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, met my wife at Birmingham-Southern College, graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham School of Medicine in 1980, did a pediatric internship there and then finished my pediatric residency in Pensacola, Florida under Dr. Reed Bell (one of ACPed’s founders). I worked a few years at Fox Army Hospital (near Huntsville) before starting a private practice with my wife in 1987. We have two grown children. I enjoy bike riding, sailing, singing in our church choir, and doing yard or construction work. I also enjoy clinical research. In June 2014, my first research paper, “Interaction of genes and nutritional factors in the etiology of autism and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders: A case control study” was published in Medical Hypotheses. Since then, my paper, “Reasons for influenza underutilization: a case-control study”, has been published in the American Journal of Infection Control, and I am currently seeking publication of another flu study.

I share the traditional values espoused by the American College of Pediatricians, and have had the pleasure serving on the Board of Directors, as well as on the Scientific Policy Committee. I also share Dr. Joe Zanga’s quest to change how both medical and non-medical people refer to the age of infants from the false time [hours, days, weeks, or months] “of life” which discounts and devalues life before birth. Time “of age” or “after birth” are more valid phrases that don’t imply that life begins at birth. What is “best for children” is also best for society and the world.

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